Joe Biden calls Donald Trump’s Debate Performance a national embarrassment


Democrat Joe Biden described Trump’s debating performance as a “national embarrassment”.


Democratic challenger Joe Biden called Donald Trump’s debate performance on Wednesday a “national embarrassment” for failing to address the concerns of everyday Americans and not clearly denouncing white supremacist groups.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but the President of the United States acted as he did – I think it was a national embarrassment,” Biden said during a stopover in Alliance, Ohio, on a train tour Swing State Ohio and the neighboring Pennsylvania battlefield.

Trump and Biden engaged in a violent verbal brawl in Cleveland on Tuesday, during which they faced each other in their first presidential debate.

Both men launched biting personal attacks, but the political pugilist Trump was generally viewed as more disruptive – to the point where Biden told him to “shut up”.

During the showdown, Trump refused to clearly and vigorously denounce the white supremacist groups or the far-right male-only Proud Boys, instead calling the militia group a call by saying they should “stand by and stand by”. “and that the real problem is right-wing extremists.

In Alliance, Biden attacked the president’s remarks.

“My message to the Proud Boys and every other white supremacist group is: stop and stop,” said Biden.

“This is not who we are. This is not who we are as Americans.”

The former vice president, who appeared strengthened after an assertive debate in which he asserted himself, criticized Trump for not speaking directly to the American people about his plight during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Does your president have an idea or does he understand what you’re going through? And if so, does he take care of you?” Asked Biden.

“Or is he just ignoring you, looking down at you, lying to you?”

Trump’s debate performance was “all about him,” added Biden.

“He hasn’t even spoken to you or your concerns about the American people.”

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