Joe Biden elects centrist judge Merrick Garland as US attorney general


Merrick Garland will be Biden’s best law enforcement officer. (File)


President-elect Joe Biden confirmed Thursday that he will appoint Merrick Garland – a centrist judge who the Republicans denied a seat on the Supreme Court five years ago – as US attorney general.

Garland, a judge on the federal appeals court in Washington, has a record as a moderate liberal and is not aligned with any of the political parties.

But the Senate Republicans blocked his appointment to the Supreme Court by then-President Barack Obama for eight months in 2016, which enabled President Donald Trump to fill the vacant seat with a conservative judiciary next year.

Biden will share Garland and other key tips for the Justice Department on Thursday, a statement from the president-elect’s transition team said.

68-year-old Garland has a long career as a private sector attorney and federal prosecutor.

In 1993, he was appointed assistant assistant attorney general in the Justice Department, handling key national security incidents such as the bombings of the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympics.


In 1997 President Bill Clinton appointed him to the Washington Court of Appeals, and he received widespread support from Democratic and Republican senators in his endorsement.

He became the Chief Justice of that court in 2013 and was selected by Obama in March 2016 to fill a seat on the Supreme Court following the death of Antonin Scalia.

His appointment as attorney general is likely to easily pass through the Senate, which is said to come under the tight control of the Democratic Party. He’s likely to get Republican support too.

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