Joe Biden plans to host a global summit on democracy in the first year of the presidency


Joe Biden Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump in the highly competitive presidential election.


In his first year of presidency, Joe Biden plans to bring the world‘s democracies together by hosting a global summit on democracy to renew “the spirit and common purpose” of the nations of the Free World. This emerges from a strategy paper published by him. Election campaign during the US presidential election.

India, the largest democracy in the world, should play an important role at such a summit.

Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump in the highly competitive presidential election, in which a record number of Americans cast their votes.

“In his first year in office, President Biden will bring the world‘s democracies together to strengthen our democratic institutions, honestly face the challenge of backward nations, and forge a common agenda to address threats to our common values.” on the policy document issued by his campaign.

“President Biden will organize and host a global summit on democracy to renew the spirit and common purpose of the nations of the free world,” it said.

The summit will prioritize the results by reinforcing key commitments for new countries in three areas: (1) the fight against corruption; (2) defense against authoritarianism, including electoral security; (3) Promote human rights in their own nations and abroad, it said.

The proposed summit will take part in civil society organizations from around the world who are at the forefront of defending our democracies. Details of the summit would be worked out after the beginning of next year, it said.

It will also issue a call to action for the private sector, including tech companies and social media giants, to make their own commitments to recognize their responsibilities and overwhelming interest in upholding open, democratic societies and protecting freedom of expression, said the Biden campaign.

“For example, technology companies profiting from the fruits of democracy should make concrete commitments on how to ensure their algorithms and platforms do not strengthen the surveillance state, facilitate oppression in China and elsewhere, spread hatred and incite people to violence.” and remain vulnerable to abuse, “says the policy document.

As an example of the concrete action our world needs, Joe Biden was a founding member of a transatlantic electoral integrity commission to combat Russian attacks on Western democracies.


The Commission urged politicians across Europe to sign a commitment to transparency on campaign funding and refuse to use fabricated or hacked material.

“Now that he’s a candidate for office, Biden has signed this pledge and urges everyone who runs for president to do the same,” it said.

Before the global summit on democracy, the Biden government plans a series of steps to strengthen democracy in the country.

Among the most important are reforming the criminal justice system to eliminate unequal differences. restore the voting rights law; and strive for more transparency in the campaign financing system, so that money at home and abroad does not pollute politics.

The Biden government also plans to immediately end the dire practice of separating families at the border and incarcerating immigrant children in for-profit prisons.

“Surrendering our deepest values ​​does nothing to increase security at our border – and anything to reduce our reputation in the world. At the same time, Biden, as President, will establish sensible guidelines that improve the screening procedures in our legal ports of entry Working with Canada and Mexico to make smart investments in frontier technology, “it said.

“End the travel ban on people from Muslim majority countries. Reverse Trump’s harmful asylum policy and raise our target for the reception of refugees to a level that meets our responsibilities and our unprecedented global needs,” the policy document reads.

The Biden government also plans to re-establish commitment to science and truth in the government, including repelling the words “climate change”. and bring the expression “nation of immigrants” back into the model of the citizenship and immigration authorities.

“Revive our national commitment to the global promotion of human rights and democracy,” says the policy document.


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