Joe Biden promises 1 million vaccinations a day in 3 weeks


Joe Biden said the US should have more access to vaccines by the summer. (File)


US President Joe Biden said the country could have a million vaccinations a day in three weeks, with the potential to hit 1.5 million vaccinations.

“I’m pretty confident that over the next three weeks we’ll be able to vaccinate people in the 1 million a day and beyond,” Biden said at a news conference.

The US president made it clear that he was referring to the number of daily vaccinations, as US-approved vaccines require two shots per person with a few weeks apart.

“I think we can maybe … reach 1.5 million a day instead of 1 million a day. But we have to reach that goal of a million a day,” Biden said.

In addition, he said the US will be well on its way to strengthening herd immunity to the coronavirus by the summer.


“I am confident that we will be well on the way to achieving herd immunity by the summer,” said Biden. He went on to say that the U.S. public should have more access to coronavirus vaccines by the summer.

The United States reported more than 25 million positive cases and more than 420,000 coronavirus-related deaths as of Monday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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