Joe Biden says he is already meeting with experts as he prepares for the White House


2020 US election results: Joe Biden assured measures against Covid.

Wilmington, Delaware:

Democrat Joe Biden said Friday that he would win the U.S. presidency as his lead over President Donald Trump grows in battlefield states, despite television networks preventing him from declaring him the winner as officials continued to count votes.

“The numbers tell us … it’s a clear and compelling story: we’re going to win this race,” said Biden, adding that he and his run mate Kamala Harris had already met with experts when they approached the White House prepared.

Biden’s speech was originally planned as a victory celebration, but he changed his approach in the absence of an official call from television networks and other election forecasters.

Still, it was a blunt challenge for Trump, who stayed out of sight at the White House on Friday as Biden’s lead increased in the four states that will determine the outcome: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

Biden led Trump with 4.1 million votes across the country from 147 million votes cast, saying the Americans gave him the mandate to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the weak economy, climate change and systemic racism.

“They made it clear that the country should come together and not pull further apart,” said Biden.

He said he hoped to speak to the Americans again on Saturday.


Trump has stood firm and vowed to raise unsubstantiated fraud allegations when his Republicans tried to raise $ 60 million to fund lawsuits that question the results. However, some in his camp described the legal efforts as disorganized and so far they have not met with success in court.

On the fourth day of the vote, former Vice President Biden had a 253-214 lead in the state-to-state vote of the electoral college to determine the winner, according to Edison Research.

Securing Pennsylvania’s 20 votes would put Biden over the 270 it takes to win the presidency after nearly five decades of political career.

Biden would also win if he prevailed in two of the other three key states. As in Pennsylvania, all three were still processing ballots on Friday.

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