Joe Biden signs wall in the children’s home


Joe Biden huddled with some old neighbors and made a couple of other stops around town (file)

Scranton, United States:

Joe Biden loves to talk about growing up in the industrial town of Scranton, and when the Americans voted on Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidate returned to his childhood home and signed his name on the wall for luck.

“From this house to the White House by the grace of God,” Biden wrote in a black pen on one wall of the living room behind a picture, signed his name and added the date “11-3-2020”.

“His pen on God’s ears,” wrote a Twitter user under a photo of the signed wall that a reporter took with Biden when he was voting on election day in Pennsylvania.

The intimate moment in the house was actually a re-run of a time on the campaign in 2008 when he signed a bedroom wall here during his second presidential bid that ended early but resulted in Barack Obama choosing him as a vice-presidential runmate.

It’s become something of a tradition for the 77-year-old who served for more than three decades as a U.S. Senator from neighboring Delaware, where the family moved when Biden was 10, trying to get back to his roots.

“We’re going home,” Biden, accompanied by two of his granddaughters, told reporters as he landed in Scranton for one of his final gestures in an 18-month odyssey of the presidential campaign.

The current homeowner Anne Kearns didn’t seem to mind.

“I watch you all the time,” she said to Biden during a brief exchange before greeting him around the house. “I’m so proud of you.”

Even as the coronavirus forced the end of the campaign as Americans had come to know – face-to-face encounters, relentless handshakes, and selfies on rope lines – Biden got a whiff of that street excitement.

More than 100 neighbors, supporters and spectators, almost all masked, had gathered near the house with a gray awning and black shutters.

“He’s right there! Oh my god!” shouted first-time voter Mardan Daurilas, 19. “This is my future president.”

Biden huddled with some old neighbors and made a few other stops around town, including the mother of US Senator Bob Casey and a local union office, before heading to Philadelphia for one final vote.

The Democrat and President Donald Trump bitterly deny the swing state of Pennsylvania, which may have turned out to be the decisive battlefield of the entire election.

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