Joe Biden Win Opens the Door to Improved Predictability in China-US Relations


The Chinese media were optimistic in the editorials and reacted to the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.


The Chinese state media were optimistic in editorials on Monday and reacted to the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US presidential election. They said the relationships could be returned to a state of greater predictability and start trading.

While the US recognized that pressure on China is unlikely to ease on issues like Xinjiang and Hong Kong, the state-backed Global Times said Beijing should work to communicate as thoroughly as possible with the Biden team.

The Trump administration had deliberately created tension in China-US. Relations, particularly after the adoption of a campaign strategy to pressure China, which led to “bubbles” in US-China politics, it said.

“We believe it is possible to burst these bubbles,” it said. “It is in the common interest of the people from both countries and the international community that relations between China and the United States should be facilitated and controllable.”

The Global Times is a tabloid published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, but does not speak on behalf of the party and the government.

China Daily said in a separate editorial that it was “obvious” that improving relations with China could come from trade, and resurrecting trade talks was critical to rebuilding understanding and confidence in China-US. Relationships.


“It is one of the last threads that binds the two sides. It is noteworthy that neither Beijing nor Washington dared to cancel the hard-earned so-called Phase 1 deal that they negotiated,” said the China Daily , the country’s official English language newspaper.

Tensions between the world‘s two largest economies have intensified over the past year, disrupting technology supply chains and trade relationships, and creating fears that a financial war may loom between the two countries.

US pressure and the global pandemic have put China on a mission to reduce its reliance on overseas markets and technologies for its economic development as part of a new “double circulation” growth model to manage its economy.

“China needs to become a country that the US cannot suppress or destabilize and ensure that working with China is the best option for the US to pursue its national interests,” added the Global Times.

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