“Just His Energy”: Bharat Arun about Virat Kohli’s perceived anger on pitch


Ajinkya Rahane is made of ‘nerves of steel’ and is so calm that bowlers are unafraid if they don’t execute a plan under him, while the energy of regular skipper Virat Kohli is sometimes mistaken for anger, Indian bowling coach Bharat Arun said on Wednesday: describing the two contrasting leaders from the side. Rahane led India to a historic 2-1 series win in Australia after Kohli went on paternity leave. “When it comes to Ajinkya, he’s a calm person. Rahane may look calm from the outside, but he has a nerve of steel,” Arun told India off-spinner Ravi Ashwin on his YouTube channel.

“He supports players and looks calm and even if a bowler goes wrong, he may not be afraid of the captain. He knows he will be supported,” he added.

Rahane’s calm demeanor helped the team progress after the Adelaide disaster, when the team was eliminated 36 in the second innings.

“With Virat Kohli, if you throw two bad balls it can seem like he’s getting mad, but that’s just his energy. T, ”said Arun.

The 58-year-old revealed that head coach Ravi Shastri absolutely hates to see Indian bowlers give up limits.

This was in reference to Shastri’s plan to sideline the runs for the Australians.

“He will watch the game from the locker room. But he absolutely hates it when a bowler concedes a limit. He doesn’t want bowlers to concede a point.”

That’s what he wants. When we bowl, we have to keep taking wickets. And when they bowl, we have to keep scoring runs. If someone admit two limits, he will scream. If anyone admits a boundary, I know I’ll be yelled at. “

Speaking of Mohammed Siraj, who was India’s highest wicket-taker in the series, Arun said he is a special talent and it showed when he was just a net bowler in his early Hyderabad days.


Siraj is both hungry and angered. I saw him at RCB as a net bowler. He wasn’t even in Hyderabad. He had speed and aggression in nets. He will do exactly the same thing we want him to do. ‘

“If he doesn’t, yell at him with genuine concern, then he’ll smile and do it. It took him first to Hyderabad side and then Hyd, India A. His greatest strength is his confidence in himself,” he said.

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