Kamala Harris says U.S. President Donald Trump deliberately misled Americans about coronavirus


Kamala Aid Trump knew the facts about the deadly virus but publicly downplayed the threat.


Donald Trump “deliberately deceived” Americans about coronavirus, said Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, referring to the US president’s comments on the matter published in an upcoming book by a renowned investigative journalist.

The book Rage, written by American journalist Bob Woodward and due for publication on September 15, has sparked some controversy over Trump’s presidency, weeks before the November 3rd US elections.

Woodward in the book claimed that Trump said during several interviews with him that he downplayed the coronavirus threat.

The US has so far reported 6,397,227 coronavirus cases and 191,789 deaths – both the highest numbers in the world.

“I wanted, I always wanted to downplay it (coronavirus threat),” Trump reportedly told Woodward in an audio clip published by the Washington Post.

“I still like to downplay it because I don’t want to panic,” Trump told the experienced journalist in March.

According to the book, Trump said to the author in July, “Don’t worry (coronavirus) Bob. OK? Don’t worry. We’re going to do another book. You’ll find it was me.” correct.”

In response to Trump’s comments, Indian-American Senator Harris said Thursday: “He has deliberately misled the American people because he thought it would look bad for him.”

“These are real people, people with families, with plans, with dreams that have been taken from them in many cases, and Donald Trump obviously did not cause COVID-19, but he did not do his most basic duty, which is a leader’s duty , especially in times of crisis, not only to protect, but to tell the truth. “

“This is basically unforgivable for a president. And the reality is that Americans are not going to stand up for it,” she said during a virtual fundraiser.

In another February 7 interview, the audio clip of which was released by The Washington Post, Trump told Woodward that the coronavirus was more deadly than the flu and could be airborne.

“It’s always harder than touch. You don’t have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and so it’s over. It’s also more deadly than even your stressful flu,” Trump was heard saying in the audio clip.

According to the book, Trump told Woodward that he would triumph over the COVID-19 pandemic and economic calamity.

In another fundraiser Thursday, Harris said Trump knew the facts about the deadly virus but had publicly downplayed the threat.

“It’s time for him to go, but this latest revelation is just the same thing that tells us Donald Trump has been in the interests of the American people. And he has continually done it.”

Earlier, at an event in Florida, Harris said the President and Vice President had been informed of the impending threat of COVID-19 on January 28.

“On February 7th, the President said … that COVID was deadly stuff, that it was in the air … This is the same man … who for days, weeks, if not months, then called it a joke, dismissed it got seriousness to the point that he suggested people shouldn’t wear masks. He knew it was in the air, that people would breathe it, “Harris said.

She said Trump was “preoccupied with the ruthless disregard for the life, health and wellbeing” of the American people. “I find it so outrageous,” she said.

“There are so many reasons why Joe Biden must be elected President of the United States. And if those reasons don’t make it clear why, then it certainly is,” Harris said.


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