Kamala Harris, US Vice President-elect: I always knew you would win, keep it up


US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris with her aunt (in white) (file)


Happy and enthusiastic – this is how Kamala Harris’ jubilant aunt, who lives in Chennai, felt moments after her niece’s first address as elected Vice President of the United States; a speech in which Mrs. Harris recognized “generations of women who fought and sacrificed for justice for all”.

“We always knew Kamala would win (but) I still have to talk to her,” said Dr. Sarala Gopalan told GossipMantri on Sunday after four days of vote counting confirmed that Joe Biden and Ms. Harris had been elected as President and Vice President of the United States.

Dr. Gopalan, whom Mrs. Harris in Tamil affectionately calls “Chithi (Aunt) “When she accepted the Democratic Vice-President nomination in August, she had a simple message for her niece:” You have always been a hard worker. Go on”.

When asked what her sister and Mrs. Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, might have said on that proud day, Dr. Gopala: “My sister made Kamala what she is today. She would have collapsed (with joy). I miss her.”

“My father and mother would have been proud of their granddaughter too,” she added.

Ms. Harris’s extended family, including Uncle Balachandran, plan to attend the swearing-in ceremony in January. “Even when she became a senator (January 2017), she visited our family,” said Dr. Gopalan.


US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with her grandfather PV Gopalan (file)

Dr. Gopalan, who offered 100 coconuts to a temple in Chennais Besant Nagar a few years ago (in fulfillment of vows after Ms. Harris won a Senate seat) also said she plans to travel to the ancestral village of the family – Thulasenthirapuram, to offer this thanks to the family deity.

Earlier this week, villagers held special prayers amid the drama that accompanied the US election. The village is home to the ancestral home of Mrs. Harris’ maternal grandfather, diplomat PV Gopalan, whom she has described as a great influence.


Today the villagers created a special one Rangoli to celebrate Mrs. Harris’ victory.

Ms. Harris becomes the first woman, first black woman, and first woman of Indian heritage to become Vice President of the United States.

In her acceptance speech held in India in the early hours of Sunday morning, she remembered her mother – an immigrant who came to California as a teenager – and recognized the contribution of women “who advocated equality and justice for so much all fought and sacrificed “.

Most movingly, she said: “I may be the first woman in this office, but not the last.”

Dr. However, Gopalan believes this will not be the end. She believes that Kamala Harris will destroy more barries and one day be the first woman to be elected President of the United States.


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