Khaali Peeli Movie Review: Ananya Panday, Ishaan Khatter’s Movie Is A Drenched Affair


Khaali peeli Film Review: Ishaan Khatter, Ananya Panday on poster (courtesy ishaankhatter)

To emit: Ananya Panday, Ishaan Khatter, Jaideep Ahlawat, Swanand Kirkire

Director: Maqbool Khan

Classification: 1.5 stars (out of 5)

Khaali peeli? Absolutely. There is no rhyme or reason, that’s what khaali peeli it means, in this Ishaan Khatter-Ananya Panday protagonist who thinks, if he thinks, being crazy is the best thing to be. The leading young couple strive for some kind of chemistry. The concerted act without brakes is not entirely over because the script continues to lead the audience around the curve.

Khaali peeli, directed by Maqbool Khan, is a Mumbai masala film too manic for its own good. The title alludes to the colors of Mumbai taxis, but neither the sights and sounds of the megapolis nor the taxis that dominate its busy streets get the play they deserve. Khaali peeli He is not only color blind, he is also tone deaf. While the background is blurry, the soundscape is an assault on the ears.

A part of the story takes place in a brothel where neither the Khaala In charge of the girls, nor does the larger-than-life gangster who runs the prostitution business look or demeanor like a sex dealer. The latter’s henchmen are a clumsy bunch: they are supposed to remind us from time to time that Khaali peeli it is an action comedy. It’s not a lot of action or comedy.

For reasons best known to the filmmakers, it seeks to throw a bright mantle around the crime of trafficking of girls: the female protagonist of the film is one of them, the others we hardly see. The business has lost its lust and has almost normalized.

The focus of Khaali peeli, playing in Zee5, is about a pair of boyfriends from childhood who are reunited with destiny in a night full of adventures that culminates in a clash of life and death. What happens between the two extremes of the story is what the movie is about.

The young couple are on the run, one from the police after an accidental stabbing, the other from a group of thugs. The two have to get out of town before they get caught. But how far can they really go if they get lost in a mela where they pose as entertainers in outrageous costumes and sway to a custom-made song to slow down the pace of the movie?


Khaali peeli Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter in a frame (Courtesy: Instagram)

The boy, the taxi driver Vijay Chauhan (Ishaan Khatter), wants to get away from Mumbai because the metropolis has not given him a minute of peace; trouble has haunted him incessantly in the ten years he has spent in the city. He is a born fugitive with the innate wiles of a survivor. “Jab Blackie bhagta hai ussey hawa bhi nahi pakad sakti“He brags. Do you want to reach it? Banish the thought. It’s not worth it.

Khaali peeli it’s supposed to be a tribute to the formula movies of yore. From the beginning, the taxi driver compares his “ki kahaani life“to a Bollywood masala movie that begins exactly where it ends. That might sound exciting if you’re a fan of Mumbai potboilers. But be careful, don’t set your expectations too high. The movie is overdosed on masala.

The girl, Pooja (Ananya Panday), runs away from a forced marriage to a man much older than the one she had been promised. With a suitcase loaded with money and gold ornaments, he hires the taxi that is about to drive away in a direction with no particular destination. All the lady wants is to be shut out of Mumbai boundaries.

Vijay alters his taxi number from 6969 to 9696 in hopes of giving the police a slip. The man they have to help is Inspector Tawde (Zakir Hussain). Somewhere along the way, the hero also meets a Gujarati policeman (Satish Kaushik in a cameo) who is dumb as a brush.


Khaali peeli Film Review: Ishaan Khatter, Ananya Panday in a frame (Courtesy: Instagram)

He upholds the issue of the uncharitable portrayal of policemen in Hindi films. He says that in Dhoom The ‘policeman’ Abhishek (Bachchan) was not given his due as he pursued the ‘criminal’ John (Abraham). This can only happen in movies, he claims. You don’t have to go far to gather evidence – you’re in exactly one of those movies.

Khaali peeli It is a love story disguised as a road movie. Vijay, aka Blackie, had to leave her hometown of Shivpuri after a botched jewelry robbery a decade ago, and Pooja, a young woman trafficked to a Kamathipura brothel before she was ten, tells the boy that she is Little Red Riding Hood. Red when the first. explains the origin of his own name.

As Little Red Riding Hood goes from a little girl to an 18-year-old, an evil wolf, Hemant Choksi (Swanand Kirkire), stalks her. The rich man, truly a sad specimen, decides to remain a virgin until the girl turns 18. His heinous plan is supported by brothel owner Yusuf Chikna (Jaideep Ahlawat). “Hamare dhande mein zabaan ki keemat jaan se bhi zyada hoti hai, “the latter intones.

The energy expected from a film starring a young protagonist does not acquire any kind of coherence given the irregularity of the script. It flies back and forth in time, sometimes for years, sometimes for hours and minutes, and offers a bumpy ride.


Khaali peeli Film Review: Ananya Panday in a frame (Courtesy: Instagram)

If anyone seeks depth in Khaali peeli, the film deals half with feminism. It will make us believe that the heroine is a fighting girl who knows her mind. Scratch the surface and you’ll see her for what she is: a happy woman to be pushed. But, for the sake of form, when the hero claims ownership over her, she responds: Baap ka maal lagti hoon? That question is as random as everything else in Khaali peeli.

At the climax, the film allows the girl to get in on the action so that we don’t end up feeling like she is a mere damsel in distress in need of an act of rescue. He throws a few hits of his own at the villain, but fails to make any significant points. The mere imitation of men counts for little.

Swanand Kirkire is lost in a walking role, but Jaideep Ahlawat and Satish Kaushik (in a cameo as the uniformed Bollywood-loving fool who can never get over the fact that “Angrezon ke zaamane ka jailor“Amit aur Dharam” treated Asrani so badly in Sholay) have their lost moments.

Khaali peeli it’s a soggy affair. The popcorn entertainment it offers has no crunch. With inanity quenching the effervescence that Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday bring to the concoction, the final reading on the meter is ZERO.


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