KL Rahul says, “Always determined to be the best version of myself”


Speaking of his career, Indian batsman KL Rahul said on Sunday that he is always determined to be the best version of himself. Speaking of how he handles success and failure, Rahul said, “Whatever I do. I’ve always been determined to be the best version of myself, physically and mentally.” Rahul had to say this to his doubters: “Keep out the noise. Doubts? Question marks? We all stand for them, and I am no different. But it’s about how we respond to it. ‘

After a brief exile from the Indian cricket team, Rahul came back more determined than ever to prove his quality. He has grown in prestige as a top player on the Indian cricket team.

A minor blip in his career occurred in January 2019 when he was temporarily dropped from the Indian team. While there was chatter in the news and on social media about the reasons for his expulsion, Rahul decided to focus his energy on training, perfecting his technique and relying on the will that made him a winner.

He called his old friends, went to a remote lot, and hit for hours to perfect his hitting technique. His friend David Mathias (with whom he played for a long time in Karnataka’s home line-up) watched his net sessions, recorded videos, and advised him on how to improve his technique. Rahul compared the recent videos with those of his performances in 2017-18 to discover the differences between then and now.

He realized his bat swing was moving away from his body, which was not ideal. Improving that part of his technique gave him a lot more control over his at bat. And the results were there, as his return to the cricket team saw excellent performances and many positive comments from cricket legends about his batting technique.

The Red Bull athlete also focused on his physicality, taking the time to work on his body and get himself fit for top-level cricket. He reminded himself that while every workout was strenuous, “pain is a luxury” that he could enjoy as a successful cricketer.


Rahul scored a century in his second Test match in 2014, became the first Indian to score an ODI century on his debut in 2016, and closed it off with his first T20I century later that year. With his T20I barrel, he broke the record for the fastest centuries in all three game formats and did so in just 20 turns.

Rahul will lead Kings XI Punjab in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) starting September 19. Punjab will face Delhi Capitals in their first match of the tournament on September 20th.

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