Large debris scattered over US city as aircraft suffered mid-air engine failure


Massive debris rained from the sky over the US city of Denver on Saturday.

Denver, United States:

Massive debris rained down from the sky over the US city of Denver on Saturday as a plane with engine failure was forced to return to the city’s airport.

Among the images posted on social media was an image of a large circular portion of the United Airlines plane standing in a yard in Broomfield, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

The flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, “returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely on Saturday after a right engine failure occurred shortly after takeoff,” the Aviation Administration said on Twitter.

Kirby Klements, on whose lawn the large circular piece of debris landed, told CNN that “it was a little overwhelming”.

“It landed square on my truck and fell off,” he said, reporting that a separate large piece of rubble had poked a five-foot hole in a neighbor’s roof.


The FAA said it was “aware of reports of debris near the aircraft’s trajectory”.

United Airlines tweeted that “no injuries have been reported on board”.


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