Man charged over suspicious package being sent to AstraZeneca UK vaccine facility


General view of the Wockhardt Pharmaceutical Factory near Wrexham, UK.


A man was charged after a suspicious package was sent to a factory in Wales producing AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, which resulted in a temporary suspension of production, British police said on Saturday.

The Wockhardt plant in Wrexham provides what is known as filling and end-of-line capacity for AstraZeneca’s UK supply chain. This is the final manufacturing step where vaccines are put and packaged in vials or syringes.

Kent police said Anthony Collins, 53, was charged with mailing the package, which was examined by a bomb disposal team.

In a statement, police said the package was “not a usable device”.


AstraZeneca has agreed to supply the UK with 100 million doses of the COVID vaccine developed by Oxford University, with the shots forming the core of its mass vaccination program.

AstraZeneca is currently in a dispute with the European Union after it cut vaccine supplies to the block due to production problems at its Belgian facility.

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