Mark Zuckerberg defends not suspending ex-Trump adviser from Facebook: report


We have special rules for how often you have to break certain guidelines: Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, told an all staff meeting Thursday that Trump’s former White House advisor Steve Bannon had not broken enough of the company’s policies to warrant his suspension when he said, according to one A record heard by Reuters called for the beheading of two senior US officials.

Zuckerberg acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden’s criticism of Facebook, but said the company shared some of the same concerns raised by the Biden team regarding social media. He urged employees not to draw any conclusions about how the new administration might approach regulating social media companies.

In a video released on November 5, Bannon proposed the beheading of FBI Director Christopher Wray and government infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. They said they had been unfaithful to U.S. President Donald Trump, who lost his re-election bid to Biden last week.

“I would put the heads on pike. Right. I would place them on the two corners of the White House to warn the federal bureaucrats. Either you come with the program or you are gone,” Bannon said in the video.

Facebook removed the video but left Bannon’s page with around 175,000 followers. Twitter banned Bannon last week for the same content.

“We have special rules on how often you have to violate certain guidelines before we completely deactivate your account,” said Zuckerberg.

“While the crimes here, I believe, have almost crossed that line, they clearly haven’t crossed the line.”

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said the company would take further action against Bannon’s site “if there are additional violations”.

Last Friday, Facebook shut down a network of other Bannon-linked sites that made false claims about the presidential election after being reported by activist group Avaaz to the world‘s largest social media company.


Avaaz said seven of the biggest sites had nearly 2.5 million followers. According to Stone, Facebook had “removed multiple clusters of activity in order to use bogus behavioral tactics to artificially increase the number of people viewed its content.”

Bannon could not be immediately reached for comment.

Zuckerberg spoke to Facebook staff on the subject at a weekly forum where he is sometimes asked to defend content and policy decisions. An employee asked why Bannon was not banned.

Another employee asked how Facebook deals with criticism of Facebook by Biden and members of his team. Biden told the New York Times last December that he was “never a fan of Facebook” and that he saw Zuckerberg as “a real problem”.

The detailed administration is “not monolithic”, said Zuckerberg. “Just because some people speak in ways that tend to contradict us doesn’t necessarily mean that they speak for what the whole group or administration will stand for.”

Bannon was arrested in August and pleaded guilty of defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors for the $ 25 million “We Build the Wall” campaign. Bannon dismissed the charges as politically motivated.

As Trump’s chief strategist in the White House, Bannon helped articulate Trump’s “America First” policy. Trump fired him in August 2017, ending Bannon’s tumultuous tenure.

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