Masaba’s reaction when Neena Gupta told him she was getting married


Masaba with Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra (courtesy neena_gupta)


  • “Masaba understood me,” said Neena Gupta
  • “I was not worried.”
  • Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra got married when Masaba was 19

New Delhi:

Actress Neena Gupta, in an interview with India Times, opened up about the moment she told him daughter Masaba Gupta on her decision to marry Delhi-based Chartered Accountant Vivek Mehra. Masaba was born to Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards, a former West Indies cricketer, when they were in a relationship in the 1980s. While Vivian Richards is married to Miriam, Neena Gupta married Vivek Mehra in 2008, when Masaba was 19 years old. “Frankly, I didn’t have to tell him. Vivek and I were around for 8-10 years; he used to come to my house in Mumbai and he used to go to Delhi,” Neena Gupta told TOI. However, Neena Gupta also shared how Masaba reacted when he told her the news of the wedding: “But yes, precisely speaking, when I told Masaba that I want to get married, he wanted to know why. I told him that marriage is important if you have to live in this society, otherwise they don’t respect you. “

Neena Gupta, who shares a very close bond with her daughter Masaba, confessed that bringing up the subject of Masaba was a bit “uncomfortable” for her but it turned out well: “And, Masaba understood me. Masaba is a person who will do anything her mother’s happiness whether she likes it or not. So I didn’t worry. I felt a little uncomfortable telling her that. “

In 2018, Masaba had shared a memory of Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra’s wedding, writing: “I love you both.”

Masaba and Neena Gupta recently appear on the Netflix series Masaba Masaba, which marked Masaba’s debut in acting. The scripted program is also a reflection of Masaba’s real-life events and experiences. Masaba Gupta, owner of the House Of Masaba designer brand, is rumored to be dating actor Satyadeep Misra, whom she was with in Goa during the national shutdown.


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