Melania, Donald Trump are on their way to the Christmas holidays


Melania, Donald Trump are on their way to the Christmas holidays


An angry Donald Trump flew off the White House lawn for the last time on Wednesday in his presidency, leaving the chaos of Americans as a Christmas present.

The Republican was traveling with his wife Melania for a vacation at his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

From Marine One, on a clear, wintry day, the first couple must have a glorious view of the White House, decorated in chocolate box shape with Christmas wreaths and red ribbons on each window.

But when the clock ticks for Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20th, there won’t be many opportunities to enjoy the experience.

And Trump, consumed by electoral conspiracy theories, abandoned by allies and determined to take opponents with him, is not exactly in a happy mood.

Crises devour the man whom followers refer to as “Disruptor in Chief” (“Chaos President” for his critics).

In addition, most of them are from himself:

– Trying to reverse the election result.

– Unexpected refusal to sign massive economic relief law for Americans struggling under coronavirus outages and, at the last minute, insist that it be rewritten.

– They don’t want to say anything other than downplaying what senior officials and members of Congress are calling a devastating Russian cyberattack.

– Vetoed US military funding bill just before he went to Florida.

– Declare war on leaders of his own party who dare to admit Biden won.

Reduced figure

For all his excitement, the larger-than-life showman, who held the media, his party and the whole country in suspense for four years, is now making a smaller number.

Ordinarily, Marine One’s departure from the South Lawn of the White House was a favorite stage for Trump to play on his extravagant press conference / performance art routine.

Boastful, ad-libbing, entertaining, and insulting, Trump loved nothing more than “chopper talk” with journalists huddled to hear the world‘s biggest media star against the roar of an idle military helicopter.

But since losing the November 3rd election and embarking on a desperate mission to reverse the outcome, Trump has almost disappeared from public engagement.


His last in-depth Q&A with journalists was a bad-humored Thanksgiving encounter on November 26th.

Marine One’s once epic departures have been reduced to the superficial exercise of a man catching a ride to the airport. With the restrictions of Covid-19, only about a dozen journalists can attend the meetings anyway, which means the old, manic energy is gone, even if Trump decides to stop and speak.

He just passed by on Wednesday.

Officially scheduled meetings in the White House – extremely rare since the elections – are held off-camera, unlike in the past, when Trump routinely invites reporters.

Even the Tuesday night bombing of Covid’s aid package was posted on a recorded video on Twitter that was not visible to the White House press corps.

Nothing from reality?

Many explanations are being thrown around for Trump’s extraordinary post-election behavior.

Avid supporters say Trump is simply exercising the legal right to pursue his – as far-fetched – claim that “it was a rigged election !!!” as he tweeted Tuesday.

Avid critics cite a speech by a Trump ally to call in the military to re-run elections, saying he is a would-be dictator.

A less dramatic assessment is that Trump is only following his salesman’s instincts. Determined to keep his brand alive after January, Trump is cynically doing what he does best: seize the spotlight, outrage the establishment, and please his passionate grassroots.

But this week influential, Trump-backing televangelist Pat Robertson suggested a fascinating fourth option:

This Trump lives in “an alternate reality” in which he really believes everything he says.

“He really does,” Robertson said Monday on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“People say, ‘Well, he’s lying about this, that and the other.’ But he’s not lying, “said Robertson.

“For him that’s the truth.”

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