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Meghana Raj shared this photo. (Image courtesy: megsraj )


  • Meghana Raj posted more photos from her last baby shower on Wednesday
  • In the images, the actress looks beautiful in a dress.
  • “My constants! Blessed to have you in our life!” she wrote

New Delhi:

Actress Meghana Raj shared more photos from her baby shower on Wednesday and they are pure bliss. The images are also special for one more reason, they show a glimpse of Meghana’s husband, the late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja. Like Meghana Raj’s previous baby shower, this time a cardboard cutout from Chiranjeevi Sarja was also used in celebrations hosted by her friends. In the pictures, the actress looks beautiful in a dress. She can be seen posing with the cardboard cutout of Chiranjeevi and her close friends. Sharing glimpses of the baby shower, Meghana Raj wrote: “Some are called friends … but they are called MC’s forever! My constants! Blessed to have them in our life!”

Actor and filmmaker Pannaga Bharana also gave a sneak peek at Meghana Raj’s baby shower. He posted a couple of videos and images and wrote: “Let that smile on your face stay forever … We can’t wait to pamper the little baby … wishing you lots of love, peace, happiness forever and ever.” “Pannaga Bharana, a close friend of Chiranjeevi Sarja, I was about to make a movie with him but the actor He died of cardiac arrest on June 7 of this year.

Meghana Raj had a huge trend on social media a few days later shared photos of her baby shower with her family. The photos also show the actress posing with a cardboard cutout of Chiranjeevi Sarja. “My two most special beings. This is how you love Chiru and it will be … forever and ever! I love you baby ma,” he wrote while sharing one of the posts.

A couple of weeks after Chiranjeevi Sarja’s death, Meghana Raj announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post, where she also recalled her sweet memories of him. “Our little one is your precious gift to me, a symbol of our love, and I am eternally grateful for this sweet miracle. I can’t wait to bring you back to earth, as our son. I can’t wait.” to hug you again, “reads an excerpt from his post.

CHIRU, I have tried and tried again, but I cannot put into words what I want to tell you. All the words in the world cannot describe what you mean to me. My friend, my lover, my partner, my son, my confidant, my HUSBAND, you are much more than all this. You are a piece of my soul Chiru. Unfathomable pain runs through my soul every time I see the door and you don’t walk in yelling “Baby! I’m home.” There is a sinking feeling in my heart when I can’t touch you every minute of every day. Like a thousand deaths, slow and painful. But then, like a magic spell, I feel you around me. Every time I feel weak, you are around me like a guardian angel. You love me so much that you couldn’t leave me alone, right? Our little one is your precious gift to me, a symbol of our love, and I am eternally grateful to you for this sweet miracle. I can’t wait to bring you back to earth, as our son. I can’t wait to hug you again. I can’t wait to see your smile again. I can’t wait to hear that infectious laugh of yours lighting up the entire room. I will wait for you and you will wait for ME on the other side. You will live while I breathe. You are in me I LOVE YOU.

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Chiranjeevi Sarja appeared in several films such as Vayuputra, Samhaara, Aadyaa, Khaki, Sinnga, Amma I Love You, Prema Baraha Y Dandam Dashagunam. He was the brother of actor Dhruva Sarja and nephew of actor Arjun Sarja.


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