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9.6 overs (2 runs)
Two to finish! Pattinson’s bad day with the ball continues. Good length ball around center and leg, Iyer pushes him to short fine leg and scameprs back for a few runs. 13 from the start. 80/2 half way.

9.5 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Cleverly done! Pattinson hits it short and round, says Iyer away first and then sees the opportunity to kick it over the keeper. He does that and finds the gate. Second border in the over.

9.4 overs (1 run)
Short and from the outside, Dhawan pulled himself deep into the wicket for a single.

9.3 overs (1 run)
Dept the next ball to a run and a single is taken.

9.3 overs (1 run)
WIDE! Pattinson pops it short, but it’s down the leg side. Wide.

9.2 overs (0 Run)
Good delivery! This is roughly down to a length, diagonally inward, pushed back towards the cover.

9.1 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Pattinson is welcomed again with a border. Short and broad from the outside, Iyer gets it through point. The third man has no chance of getting there. Good start to start over the 10th.
MI vs DC: Match 27: Shreyas Iyer hits James Pattinson for a 4! Delhi Capitals 71/2 (9.1 Ov). CRR: 7.74

James Pattinson is back. It has been expensive so far, is it okay to go to Mumbai now?

8.6 overs (2 runs)
Short and wide on the outside, Dhawan pulls it wide from the deep midfielder. Before he can run to the right and stop, two are taken.

8.5 overs (1 run)
Flatter and on the outside, Iyer makes a single too long.

8.4 overs (1 run)
Slower through the air and in the middle, Dhawan pushes it through the deck point for a single.

8.3 overs (1 run)
Another single. Another short just outside, Iyer knocks him deep into cover for a run.

8.2 overs (1 run)
This time, he goes back and forces the point through for one.

8.1 overs (0 Run)
Dhawan, short and just round, seems to cut by making space, but ends it at the bottom.

Rahul Chahar is used in the attack.

DRINKS! Mumbai has got off to a really good start in this game so far. They got rid of the young Prithvi Shaw and also the veteran Ajinkya Rahane. This was just the beginning Mumbai needed. Delhi, on the other hand, has lost a few quick wickets but still has Dhawan and their skipper, Shreyas Iyer in the middle. But since Pant and Hetmyer are absent there from this game, their middle order looks a bit sparse. Mumbai will try to scalpe another wicket to put more pressure on Delhi.

7.6 overs (1 run)
Shortish and from the outside, played towards deep cover for a single. 10 of Pollard’s first.

7.5 overs (2 runs)
Two now! This is fantastic running between the wickets. Dhawan is a good length ball and pushes it next to the short third man fielder. It just goes out of the ring, but they manage to run through it a few times.

7.4 overs (1 run)
Another run. Good length and round off, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.

7.3 overs (1 run)
Short and downright, this one is too deep for a single.

7.2 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Short and wide from the outside, Dhawan strikes it through backward point and gully. It beats the diving fielder and goes to the fence.
MI vs DC: Match 27: Shikhar Dhawan hits Kieron Pollard for a 4! Delhi Capitals 56/2 (7.2 Ov). CRR: 7.63

7.1 overs (1 run)
Pollard starts off with a fuller ball, Iyer strokes him towards the long for a single.

Bowling change! Kieron Pollard is now on the attack.

6.6 overs (0 Run)
Dhawan appears to sweep these, but misses and gets hit on the pads. Another appeal but nothing from the umpire. Another great over for Mumbai. Only 5 flights of this one.

6.5 overs (1 run)
This is played in the cover region for a single by Iyer.

6.4 overs (2 runs)
A wrong field and the batters get the second run! Flatter ball around, Iyer cuts it to the point region and they run to the single. The fielder has a shyness to the non-attacker, but misses. The batters defect for the second run.

6.3 overs (0 Run)
Loopy ball around it, Iyer works it to the coverage area.

6.2 overs (1 run)
A full throw around the middle and leg, Dhawan plays it towards the long region to cross for a single.

6.1 overs (1 run)
Close by, Iyer knocks it from his back foot to the long off region for a single.

5.6 overs (0 Run)
Dhawan has a short length around the center pushing it to the point, but they don’t run for the single. Delhi is located at 46/2 at the end of the Powerplay.

5.5 overs (1 run)
In the air but safe! At a good length around center and leg, Iyer moves it up towards the center of the wicket region, but will land safely. Taken a run.

5.4 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Sweet! What a great battle! Full and round, Iyer smears this ride through coverage area to catch a boundary.
MI vs DC: Match 27: Shreyas Iyer hits James Pattinson for a 4! Delhi Capitals 45/2 (5.4 Ov). CRR: 7.94

5.3 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Bad ball and he gets the penalty. This has been wiped out nicely! Good length ball on the pads, Iyer flashes this up into the deep square leg area and hits a boundary.
MI vs DC: Match 27: Shreyas Iyer hits James Pattinson for a 4! Delhi Capitals 41/2 (5.3 Ov). CRR: 7.45

5.2 overs (1 run)
Dhawan comes back a bit and comes off the track and plays this to the coverage area to run across for the single run.

5.1 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! That is played with soft hands! Cheeky border! Dhawan knew the third man had gotten up and he gently pushed him into the third man region for a boundary.
MI vs DC: Match 27: Shikhar Dhawan hits James Pattinson for a 4! Delhi Capitals 36/2 (5.1 Ov). CRR: 6.96

James Pattinson returns. Went in his first ring before 10. Can he hit Mumbai within the Powerplay?

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