No captured Chinese miners confirmed the death, one is still missing


Eleven miners were saved alive on Sunday.

Beijing, China:

Nine other Chinese miners trapped underground for more than two weeks have been confirmed dead, government officials said on Monday. One was not reported after an explosion on the premises.

A group of 22 people were trapped hundreds of meters underground in an explosion at the Hushan mine in eastern Shandong province on January 10. Some had to rely on food and medication delivered through long shafts by rescue teams.

Eleven survivors were finally brought to the surface on Sunday in a major breakthrough for a bailout that has drawn the nation under its spell.

“From Sunday afternoon to this afternoon, rescue workers continued to search and found nine more trapped miners, who unfortunately all died,” Yantai City Mayor Chen Fei said at a briefing on Monday.

“Together with a miner who died on Thursday, the bodies of the nine deceased miners were all lifted from the mine.”

Rescue teams won’t stop looking until the last remaining miner is found, Chen said, adding that high underground water levels in one section of the mine had complicated rescue operations.

The initial explosion occurred in the mine’s fan shaft and caused a blockage that damaged the cable car.

Chen said all nine miners were killed by the effects of a secondary explosion at the mine on Jan. 10 as they tried to escape, measured by their positions.


Rescue operations were accelerated dramatically on Sunday when a blockage in the fan shaft was cleared.

Contact was first made a week ago with a group of 11 miners trapped in a section of the mine approximately 580 meters below the surface.

One of them was seriously injured in the first explosion and died after falling into a coma.

Another miner was found alive by rescuers trying to reach the group.

Mining accidents are common in China’s dangerous and poorly regulated sector.

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