Nothing to see here. Just a video of Milind Soman nailing a pine


Milind Soman in a photo of the clip she shared. (Image courtesy: milindrunning)


  • Milind posted a video and image from his training diaries.
  • “If you want to start, start slow,” he wrote.
  • “Google the correct progressions,” he added.

New Delhi:

Milind Soman is a true fitness enthusiast and her Instagram account reflects that. The actor-model, who frequently shares his exercise videos and images, did something similar on Monday. This time, he posted a clip of himself nailing a handstand. In the same post, he also shared a photo of himself after training and wrote: “Handstands work your core and improve balance, the whole body is involved while using your shoulders, arms, core and back. Put your body on reversed Position is just another way to shake things up and get out of the rut! If you want to get started, start slow … Google the correct progressions. “

Have a look:

Milind Soman often motivates her fans to stay healthy and fit with her workout videos. Some posts show him doing push-ups in an outdoor setting, while in others, he can be seen doing push-ups and jumping. A couple of days ago, he posted a video of himself doing difficult exercises and wrote: “I’ve been doing a series of pull-ups every day, it takes me about 45 seconds, but I can feel like I’m getting stronger! I also dedicate 3 -4 minutes whenever I can to improve my handstand technique and another 5 minutes in push-ups. Total exercise and skill building time throughout the day is around 20-30 minutes. “

Before, shared three common fitness-related myths and the truth behind them. “Three myths about health and fitness! Healthy food is expensive. The truth is, eat local and in season, it’s healthier and cheaper … You need space or a gym to exercise. The truth is that bodyweight exercise can get you fit and can be done at home in an 8 foot by 10 foot space … You need time to exercise. The truth is, micro workouts take 3 to 4 minutes and can do them once or as many times as you want, during the day, “read your post.

Milind Soman was last seen in the second season of the web series. Four more shots, please! He has also starred in films such as December 16, Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula, Say Salaam India and Bajirao Mastani.


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