Of course, Shah Rukh Khan has a “favorite corner” at his home in Delhi. This is what he calls


Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri Khan. (courtesy Gaurikhan)


  • SRK posted a photo of his favorite corner
  • SRK and Gauri Khan’s home in Delhi is on Airbnb
  • “Our own Wall of Nostalgia,” wrote SRK

New Delhi:

Don’t we all have a “favorite corner” in our homes? Well so does Shah Rukh Khan and he recently shared a photo of his favorite place in his Delhi home on Instagram story. By the way, this is the same house you are now in Airbnb. On his Instagram story on Friday, the actor posted a picture of what he described as “Wall of Nostalgia.” It turns out to be a wall that features some of the best posters. SRK, in his caption, wrote: “My favorite corner of my home in Delhi: our very own Nostalgia wall. Here’s your chance to relive our memories. Only on AirBNB.”

This is what Shah Rukh Khan posted:


Screenshot of Shah Rukh Khan’s Instagram story.

Earlier this week Gauri Khan gave us a tour of the Delhi home and wrote sharing the video: “Our Delhi home is full of memories from our early days, which we collect over the years and all the things we love as a family! It holds a very special place in my heart. Through my collaboration with Airbnb, a lucky duo will have the opportunity to be our guest. “

Shah Rukh Khan also shared glimpses of the house, writing: “With so many memories of our early days in Delhi, the city has a very special place in our hearts. Gauri Khan has redesigned our Delhi home and filled it with love and moments. “. of nostalgia. Here is your chance to be our guest on Airbnb. “


Gauri khan She is an interior decorator and owns Gauri Khan’s luxurious designs in Mumbai. Over the years, he has done makeovers at various Mumbai suburban restaurants and celebrity homes. He has decorated houses for various Bollywood celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Karan Johar, among others. He has designed restaurants like Arth and Sanchos. He also designed the Alia Bhatt dressing table.


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