Pajamas are forgiving, as seen on Rachel Brosnahan and others


Rachel Brosnahan shared this image. (courtesy: Rachelbrosnahan)


  • “Pajamas, but make it trendy,” wrote Rachel Brosnahan.
  • Jennifer Aniston’s prep look was casual too
  • “No bra? No heels? No problem,” Jameela Jamil wrote.

New Delhi:

Red carpet appearances are great, but have you ever seen a ton of stars chilling out in their pajamas for an award ceremony as prestigious as the Emmys? If not, surely a treat awaits you. The 72nd Emmy Awards was unconventional in every way. From the host addressing an empty auditorium (we think Jimmy Kimmel did a great job), to the winners receiving their trophies sitting at home. Fire on stage and an unexpected FRIENDS meeting added to the fun, but seeing the nominees opt for comfort over haute couture was something else. This year, many Emmy nominees opted for low-key but cool outfits. Topping the list would be Rachel Brosnahan, who was nominated for The wonderful Mrs. Maisel.

Rachel Brosnahan’s OOTD was a super cool nightwear (bonus points for loot). Sharing a picture on social media, she wrote: “Pajamas, but make it trendy. Shout out and give a big thank you to some badass New Yorkers for making our #EmmysAtHome dreams come true.”

before Jennifer Aniston she put on an elegant black dress and gave us a sneak peek at her prep session. The key ingredients were: pajamas, the “other kind” of mask, and his million-dollar smile. “Preparing for the Emmys … in my other mask. Congratulations to the nominees and all the amazing performances we’ve seen this year,” he wrote.

Let filmmaker Taika Waititi wear the most quirky outfit with the greatest of ease. Only this time, his choice was a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. “Emmy ready … to go back to sleep. # Emmys2020 #whatwedointheshadows #mandalorian #hotelquarantine,” he wrote.

The good place Star Jameela Jamil perfectly summed up the mood for the 2020 Emmys, writing: “No bra? No heels? No problem. Wearing pajamas to the 72nd Emmy Awards (from home) is my kind of vibe. I’m excited to see if we win any of the 7 awards we’ve been nominated for. I still applied makeup and wore a sequined robe, because … It’s what Tahani would have wanted. And this is her day, not mine. “

Here are more looks from Emmy that we loved. Because comfort> everything else.


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