Police departments in the US report 911 failure, some restored


The outages appeared to continue in various counties in Nevada and elsewhere. (Representative)


A number of U.S. police departments in the U.S. reported Monday (local time) that their 911 lines were down. However, some police authorities later reported that they had returned to service.

“The 911 lines are not nationwide. This includes phone calls and text messages. If you need police, fire, or emergency medical assistance in Minneapolis, please call 612-348-2345. We will advise you if this problem is.” is fixed, “said Minneapolis police wrote on Twitter.

Similarly, St. Anthony Police Department tweeted, “ALERT !!!! There are currently 911 lines down nationwide! If you need emergency services in Hennepin County, please call 952-258-5321. If you are in Ramsey County, call Call 651-767-0640 No time frame is known for 911 calls to get back online. We will update these as needed. “

According to a report by Russia Today, around 8 p.m. Minnesota time, some departments found that 911 service had been restored. However, the outages appeared to continue in various counties in Nevada and elsewhere.

Russia Today reported earlier that the police and sheriff departments in Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware, Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Minnesota had detected problems with their emergency call systems on Monday (local time). They have asked residents to use alternate numbers while they work to fix the problem allegedly due to a technical flaw in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services.

Since Microsoft was previously quoted as saying that “a subset of customers in the Azure public and Azure government clouds may encounter errors,” it is believed that this is what caused the 911 outages.


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