Rahul Vaidya goes bankrupt after losing nomination task to Nikki Tamboli


Bigg Boss 14: Rahul vaidya in a frame of the program


  • Rahul accused Nikki of being unfair
  • Eijaz Khan had a fight with Jaan
  • Rahul, Shardul, Naina, Rubina are nominated for this week

New Delhi:

Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 it was a mixture of drama and emotion. Highlights of the episode included the nominations task, during which the contestants were paired up against each other. They had to sit in a spaceship created in the garden area and convince each other who should be in the red zone and who should be in the green zone. The one with the oxygen mask at the end of each session had to go to the green zone while the other would be thrown into the red zone. Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli were the first couple to participate. Even before Rahul could reach the competition area, Nikki had seized the mask.

Rahul and the other contestants who were watching said that was unfair, but Nikki stuck to her point and refused to let go of the mask. When Rahul tried to snatch it from her, she hid it in her clothes, making it impossible for Rahul to reach the mask. The task ended with Nikki secured in the green zone. Rahul chided Nikki for putting him in a bind, saying she was testing his modesty. Rahul burst into tears after that because he thought it was unfair.


Other high points of the episode include Eijaz Khan obtaining a special power. As was the title, Bigg Boss asked him to save a contestant from the nominations. He saved Jasmine, to everyone’s surprise, saying that she made a delicious dessert for everyone. Later, Pavitra Punia appeared in front of Nikki, saying that her heart is heavy because Eijaz chose Jasmin over her. Eijaz showed up to tell Jasmin that he did it to teach a lesson.


The next participants in the task were Shardul vs Naina. They both refused to let go of the mask and were thrown into the red zone. Bigg Boss faced Rubina and her husband Abhinav. The two tried to put each other in the green zone and after a subsequent emotional episode, Abhinav was put in the safe zone.


Meanwhile, Eijaz also had a war of words with Jaan for teaching him to speak English. Jaan lost his cool and responded to Eijaz, who came out of the altercation.

Rahul, Shardul, Naina and Rubina are nominated for this week. Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 14.


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