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Bangalore started well, Padikkal chose to play second fiddle after Finch’s at bat.

Bangalore, what a great win in the end, here in Dubai. Spoils our hopes for a Super Over, but we don’t like seeing it end like that. A huge win for Kohli’s men.

19.4 overs (6 runs)
SIX! WOW! Game, set and match for AB de Villiers! What a shot to end the end! Archer is on the toes for the Yorker, de Villiers is deep in his fold. He manages to get under the ball and hit it over a deep mid-wicket for a biggie. Bangalore wins by 7 wickets.

19.3 overs (2 runs)
Two now! Full and round, de Villiers drills it into the ground. Before the tall fielder can move, two are taken. Bangalore just a hit away!

19.2 overs (1 run)
Single! De Villiers is on strike again. 7 needed in 4. Gurkeerat hits short and in the middle and appears to pull, but the ball gets big. The ball hits the top of the bat and travels to the center of the wicket. Taken single.

19.1 overs (2 runs)
Suggest to start over! A low full throw in the middle, Gurkeerat throws it wide from the deep fielder. Tewatia does a good job getting to the ball, easy two. De Villiers is away from the strike again.

Jofra Archer to bowl the final of the match. 10 runs required. Can Bangalore get it? Or are we facing a Super Over? A long time since the last.

18.6 overs (1 run)
A! 25 of the left. Full and wide on the outside, Gurkeerat drills it to cover the sweeper. Gurkeerat keeps the strike. 10 needed in the last 6 balls.

18.5 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Gurkeerat now joins in and Unadkat gets a beating. I’m not sure Unadkat was the perfect choice to beat the penutimate. Gurkeerat, short and wide from the outside, throws it over the shelter and finds the fence.

18.5 overs (1 run)
WIDE! A slower mid-leg bouncer. The fingers are rolled on this. It takes ages to get to the batsman. Gurkeerat tries to hammer it in, but misses. Wide for the height.

18.4 overs (1 run)
Finally a yorker sheds outside, ABD pushes him down to run.

18.3 overs (6 runs)
SIX! Three in a row! This is great stuff! Short and middle, not pacy at all. De Villiers turns and drives him over a deep square leg for a biggie.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: It's a Six! AB de Villiers hits Jaydev Unadkat. Royal Challengers Bangalore 161/3 (18.3 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 11.33

18.2 overs (6 runs)
SIX! Two-in-two! And this one is even bigger. You just can’t bowl in the castle of Villiers. Unadkat does that and is beaten for far too long. Huge six. Unadkat under enormous pressure.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: It's a Six! AB de Villiers hits Jaydev Unadkat. Royal Challengers Bangalore 155/3 (18.2 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 13.8

18.1 overs (6 runs)
SIX! ABD starts with a bang! A mssive six to start over! A longitudinal ball in the slot of the Villiers. It’s the slower one. De Villiers punches his way across the deep mid-wicket for a massive six.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: It's a Six! AB de Villiers hits Jaydev Unadkat. Royal Challengers Bangalore 149/3 (18.1 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 15.82

17.6 overs (1 run)
Single to end it over! A very good one from Kartik. Full and round off, de Villiers pushes it far out for a run. He’ll do the trick for next time. 35 in 12.

17.5 overs (3 runs)
Three! Good try from Unadkat. Kartik goes full and wide outside, Gurkeerat knows how to send it over short third man. Unadkat jumps high there and gets a hand for it, but it doesn’t stick. It goes to the third man and they run.

17.4 overs (0 Run)
Excellent delivery! Full, fast and downright, Gurkeerat seems to be struggling but misses.

17.3 overs (1 run)
This time it makes sense. Low full throw, it gets drilled too long for a run.

17.2 overs (4 runs)
FOUR! Well done! There was nothing wrong with the ball, but AB de Villiers is so good. He manages to dig it out of the hideout and it runs off to the fence.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: AB de Villiers meets Kartik Tyagi for a 4! Royal Challengers Bangalore 138/3 (17.2 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 15.0

17.1 overs (1 run)
Very full and in the middle, down too long for a run.

16.6 overs (2 runs)
NOT OFF! Yes, the Villiers is very fast and safe! However, he would have had his heart in his mouth if the ball went high into the air. Slower an outside finish, de Villiers seems to plod it away but gets a top edge, but the ball lands to safety. They go for the second run. Unadkar, the bowler, runs for the ball and fires the throw at the goalkeeper who takes the bail. The third referee has been called in. Repetitions confirm that Villiers is safe.

16.5 overs (6 runs)
SIX! TREE! Full and wide again but this time it is de Villiers on strike. He reaches out and hits it to the maximum over the cover of the sweeper.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: It's a Six! AB de Villiers hits Jaydev Unadkat. Royal Challengers Bangalore 131/3 (16.5 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 14.84

16.4 overs (1 run)
Finally coming off the strike. Full and wide again, this time Gurkeerat manages to connect it well and push through the blankets for a run.

16.3 overs (0 Run)
Three dots in a row! Full and wide from the outside, he tries to reach out but gets a bottom edge to the keeper.

16.2 overs (0 Run)
Change of pace again! Excellent bowling. Slower one and off, this time Gurkeerat jumps out of his crease to hammer him, but he misses.

16.1 overs (0 Run)
Play and miss! Good start from Jaydev. The slower of him. It’s good length and offside, Gurkeerat is beaten for speed while trying to force it on the offside side.

DRINKS! 54 needed in 4 overs. AB de Villiers is out there! While he is there, it would be assumed that he can take his side home. Rajasthan would like to see him return as soon as possible. Let’s see who raised their hand to remove the dangerous man. We are in for a thriller, it seems. Jaydev Unadkat is also active again.

15.6 overs (0 run)
Full and wide on the outside, driven fast but straight to the cover. 10 of the left!

15.5 overs (6 runs)
SIX! THUMP! Much needed biggie! Short and from the outside, de Villiers moves in and makes his way across deep mid-wicket for a bigige.
RR vs RCB: Match 33: It's a Six! AB de Villiers hits Jofra Archer. Royal Challengers Bangalore 124/3 (15.5 Ov). Goal: 178; RRR: 12.96

15.4 overs (1 run)
4 singles in a row! Singles will not hurt Rajasthan. A short ball to the body, Gurkeerat appears to pull, but fails to get in the middle. It hits the top part and goes to the fine leg. A single taken.

15.3 overs (1 run)
Another single! Very full ball in the middle, it is knocked down too long by ABD.

15.2 overs (1 run)
Full and in the middle, Gurkeerat throws it to a deep square leg and gets to the other end.

15.1 overs (1 run)
Full and mid to start, de Villiers pushes it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

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