Renowned fashion designer Satya Paul passes away at 78


Satya Paul’s son shared this photo. (Image courtesy: puneetski )


  • Satya Paul’s son announced the news of his father’s death on Thursday
  • He shared photos of the fashion designer in a Facebook post.
  • “We are sad only a little, especially rejoicing for him, his life,” he wrote for his

New Delhi:

Satya Paul, a renowned fashion designer and founder of an acclaimed fashion brand, died Wednesday at age 78. He died at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. Satya Paul’s son Puneet Nanda and Isha Yoga Center founder Sadhguru announced the news of the fashion designer’s death on Thursday. In a Facebook post, Puneet Nanda wrote that Satya Paul suffered a stroke on December 2, after which he was admitted to a hospital, where “he was slowly recovering.” However, he was later transferred to the Isha Yoga Center, “his home since 2015,” according to his wish. Puneet Nanda’s post read: “He (Satya Paul) had a stroke on December 2 and while he was slowly recovering in the hospital, his only wish was to have all the things that he was being monitored and punctured removed from him so that he could fly. We finally got permission from the doctors to take him back to the Isha Yoga Center, his home since 2015. In accordance with his wish, he kindly left with Master’s blessings. “

“Most people don’t know, other than as a designer or an entrepreneur, he has been an unshakable seeker. In the 70’s his inner journey started with going to listen to talks with J Krishnamurty (a philosopher), then he took sanyas from Osho (After Osho left in 1990, although he was not looking for another Master, he discovered Sadhguru in 2007. He immediately began to enjoy the path of yoga and finally moved here in 2015. It has been a door for hundreds of people towards spirituality and everyone. the Masters he was so blessed to have been with. I could not have had a sweeter life or passage … at the feet of the Master. We are sad just a little, mostly rejoicing over him, his life and now his passing with such a blessing, “he added.

Puneet Nanda, in his publication, also wrote: “Those who have been with him at some point in life would remember him as someone who poured out his love without hesitation or barriers. I can attest that he has lived in its entirety and has been fulfilled. in all possible ways. It is the greatest testimony of him as he walked happily, without fear. “

A tweet on Sadhguru’s official name read: “#SatyaPaul, a shining example of what it means to live with immeasurable passion and unrelenting participation. The distinctive vision you brought to the Indian fashion industry is a beautiful tribute to this. A privilege to have you among us. Condolences and blessings -Sg. “


The official brand identifier Satya Paul paid tribute to its founder in the form of priceless Instagram stories:


Screenshot of the Instagram story of the tag Satya Paul.


Screenshot of the Instagram story of the tag Satya Paul.


Screenshot of the Instagram story of the tag Satya Paul.

Satya Paul entered the retail field in the late 1960s and began exporting Indian handloom products to high-end retail stores in Europe and America. He, along with his son, launched the first sari boutique in India in 1980 and founded the eponymous fashion clothing brand in 1986. The Satya Paul brand is known for its unique and one-of-a-kind prints. Its range of products includes sarees, scarves, stoles, shawls, bags, clutches, ties, cufflinks and wallets, among others.


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