Rishabh Pant “felt the heat every day” before Australia was successful


Rishabh Pant has endured a wave of criticism and ridicule for his thrilling punches in Australia, but not long ago the wicket-keeper felt “the heat every day” even after cutting himself off from the outside world. Against one of the greatest bowling strikes of all time, Pant came into his own at the test matches in Sydney and Brisbane, where he successfully took India to an epic victory days after failing to do so with a whisker in the third and penultimate game. . But the time leading up to those two strokes of 97 and 89, the first to come after taking two pain-relieving injections and sedatives, wasn’t all that nice to the player who had high hopes since he came on the scene.

“I felt the heat every day, it’s an essential part of the game. But as an individual you have to believe in yourself,” said Pant, a key player in the team’s 2-1 series victory. India today.

“As you progress, you improve, this is what I learned during the difficult phase. Concentrate so much on your game that you don’t notice anything else. It’s also hard to block the outside noise because of social media, but I separated myself from it.

“If you are doing well, people will write well, but if you are not, they will criticize you. It’s an essential part of a cricketer’s life these days. So if you don’t focus on the criticism and instead of which focuses on your cricket, which is much better I think, ”he added.

The 23-year-old’s hard work paid off as he finished the four-game test series as the third highest scorer with 274 runs from three games. With a record target of 328 to win the match and run in Brisbane, Pant said he was always focused on going after it, as a draw was never an option for him.

“The mindset was always to play normal cricket, even the team management talked about it in the first innings. Let’s see how we score runs, cash in on the loose balls, just stay and do whatever you can at the time,” Pant said.

“The team management plan from the start of the game was ‘let’s see if we are going to win the game’. Even my thought has always been to win. I just want to win every game, a tie is always the secondary option.”

Pant said he was disappointed to not be able to live up to expectations at the 2019 World Cup in England.

“There have been ups and downs, the World Cup was a huge opportunity because it happens once every 4 years. But I got out when I was in my 30s, I was very disappointed because that was one of the biggest opportunities for me Pant said. .

“My career hit rock bottom after the World Cup, but slowly I started to increase my focus on the game because there is always room for improvement in life.

“I’ve realized there is no limit to how much you can improve, that’s what I’ve learned over the past two years.”


He was dubbed the heir apparent to the iconic Mahendra Singh Dhoni early in his career, but Pant faced the added pressure of being as good as the former captain behind the stumps.

He has maintained that while the comparisons are flattering, he strived to create his own identity in the game.

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