Russia says Alexei Navalny disinformation is being used for new sanctions


Alexei Navalny fell ill on a domestic flight last month and was treated in a Siberian hospital.

Moscow said on Wednesday that a “disinformation campaign” about the alleged poisoning of opposition person Alexei Navalny was being used to encourage new sanctions against Russia.

Moscow released a statement after the group of seven foreign ministers on Tuesday called for Russia to quickly find and prosecute those behind Navalny’s alleged poisoning, which Germany said was carried out with a nerve agent from Novichok.

The “ongoing massive disinformation campaign” aims to “mobilize sanctions sentiment” and has nothing to do with Navalny’s health or “find out the real reasons for his hospitalization,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

In its statement in response to the G7, the Foreign Ministry also reiterated allegations that Germany, where Navalny was evacuated, refused to share its findings on his case with Moscow.

“Unfounded attacks on Russia continue,” the ministry said with “hysteria”.

The top diplomats of the major industrial democracies said Germany informed them with confirmation that the leading critic had been poisoned by President Vladimir Putin.

The statement was published by the United States and included Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The other G7 countries are Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Russia was excluded from the then group of eight because of the takeover of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Navalny, a 44-year-old lawyer who was Putin’s leading critic, suddenly fell seriously ill last month while flying in Siberia.

The Berlin hospital that treated him said on Monday that he no longer had a medically-related coma and responded to language.

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