Sachin Tendulkar praises Virat Kohli for sharing “personal experience” of fighting depression


Virat Kohli said his thinking opened up after talking with Sachin Tendulkar.© AFP

A day after Virat Kohli opened up about his battle with depression and revealed how advice from Sachin Tendulkar helped him change his mindset, the batting great took to Twitter to commend Kohli for sharing such personal experiences with everyone. The former Indian batsman also said he was proud of Kohli’s success. “@imVkohli, proud of your success and decide to share such personal experiences. Today, young people are constantly being judged on social media. Thousands talk about them but not to them. We need to be able to listen to them and help them thrive,” Sachin Tendulkar tweeted.

The Indian skipper, speaking to former England player Mark Nicholas on his ‘Not Just Cricket’ podcast, opened his battle against depression during the 2014 Indian tour of England as he went through a lean period.

Kohli, who went through a horror run with the bat in that series, admitted that he went through a rough patch on that tour and felt like “the loneliest man in the world.”


In the podcast, Kohli also revealed how his mindset opened up after talking to Sachin Tendulkar about “mental side of things”. Kohli explained that Sachin advised him that if you’re going through a strong negative feeling, the best way to deal with it is to let it pass rather than fight it, which will only help it grow stronger.

“I also talked to him about the mental side of things and what he told me was, in cricket what he experienced was when you go through a strong negative feeling and if that comes into your system regularly, it’s best to pass it on If you’re going to fight that feeling, it gets stronger. So that’s the advice I took on board and my mindset has really opened up from then on, ”said the Indian skipper.

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