Salman Khan is back with a bang. Also meet the “elders of Toofani” Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan


Bigg Boss 14 Premiere: Salman Khan on the show. (Image courtesy: Big boss )


  • Salman Khan is back with Bigg Boss 14
  • The show will air on Colors TV at 10:30 am on weekdays.
  • The big premiere aired on Saturday night.

New Delhi:

the big boss The big premiere is everything we expected: full entertainment, dance sequences, humor and all that, and we are not surprised at all, because with a host like Salman Khan, anything is possible. The fourteenth season of the popular reality show returned to the small screen this year with a bang on Saturday night. Salman Khan, as always, made a great entry into the show to the beat of the beat Swag se swagat. For those who don’t know, the actor, during a previous virtual press conference, announced one of this season’s contestants: singer Jaan Kumar Sanu. Salman Khan began the premiere by talking about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and, on a lighter note, joked about how celebrities tried their hands at housework during this unprecedented time.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, necessary precautions are being taken in the big boss sets every day. The contestant, before entering the house, completed his quarantine period.

For the first time in the big boss history, the big premiere took place without a live audience. Before introducing the contestant, big boss previous season winners Siddharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan, as well as season 11 first runner-up Hina Khan, gave memorable performances inside the house. They also reviewed his memory at home, his chores, and his love-hate relationships with other contestants.

This season, “OG” Gauahar Khan is the “queen of the kitchen”, Siddharth Shukla will control who will get the luxury of bedroom services and Hina Khan will control what items the contestant will get inside the house.

The trio, who also spent time in quarantine before entering the home, shared a laugh with Salman Khan on the show. The actor also showed Gauahar Khan his tweets about Siddharth Shukla. before they entered the house. Salman Khan gave Siddharth, Hina and Gauahar Khan this cool title: “toofani elders.”

Salman Khan introduced the first contestant: Eijaz Khan. Made a huge hit entrance dancing Tera baap aya. Salman recalled working with Eijaz in the past and the latter spoke about why he is happy with the social distancing rules. The second contestant to enter the show was southern actress Nikki Tamboli. Salman described the actress as “beautiful and unfiltered” and she proved him right. The actor couldn’t stop chatting with the actress, from his hobbies to his enthusiasm for spending time at the big boss House. Nikki also danced with Eijaz Khan. Salman Khan had Eijaz and Nikki take the barbecue test – Bigg Boss Quotient – to see how qualified they are to be in the house. The “Toofani seniors” “selected” both Eijaz and Nikki Tamboli as contestants.

Salman Khan has been mainly anchoring big boss since 2006. Other stars who have hosted the show include Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan, and Arshad Warsi. The final season premiered on September 30 and concluded on February 15.

big boss14 It will air Monday through Friday at 10:30 pm and at 9:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays on Colors TV.

(This copy is updated as contestants are announced)


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