Signal sees a meteoric surge in users as people look for WhatsApp alternatives


Around 810,000 users around the world have installed Signal am Sonntag.

The number of new users installing the Signal messaging app every day is well on its way to exceed 1 million. This puts it closer to the values ​​that the larger rival WhatsApp saw after an update of the privacy policy of the Facebook Inc.’s own app.

Around 810,000 users worldwide installed Signal on Sunday, almost 18 times the number of downloads on January 6, the day WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. This comes from data from the research company Apptopia.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy reserves the right to share user data, including location and phone number, with the parent Facebook Inc and entities such as Instagram and Messenger.

Privacy advocates have questioned the move, citing Facebook’s track record in handling user data. Many recommend users to migrate to platforms like Telegram and Signal.


To deal with the number of new users, Signal announced on Sunday that more servers were being added to handle the traffic. Until recently, the non-profit app was mainly used by journalists and human rights activists looking for a more secure and encrypted way to communicate.

WhatsApp, which saw daily installs dropping 7% on Sunday compared to Wednesday, was downloaded by nearly 1.2 million users on January 10, according to Apptopia.

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