Slovenian nuclear power plant closed after 6.2 earthquake in neighboring Croatia


The Krsko nuclear power plant was shut down as a precaution.


The Slovenian Krsko nuclear power plant was shut down as a precaution after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake was registered in neighboring Croatia, the power plant’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

“I can confirm the preventive shutdown,” said spokeswoman Ida Novak Jerele to AFP, but could not provide any further details.

The earthquake was felt in several neighboring countries, including Slovenia and as far as the Austrian capital Vienna.

Krsko is Slovenia’s only nuclear power plant and is located about 100 kilometers east of the capital Ljubljana.

The current 700 megawatt Westinghouse reactor was built in the former Yugoslavia and commissioned in 1983.


It is jointly owned by Slovenia and Croatia.

The system covers around 20 percent of the Slovenian electricity demand and 15 percent of the Croatian electricity demand. However, environmental activists have previously requested that the facility be shut down because of its age and the risks of seismic activity in the area.

It was originally supposed to shut down in 2023, but Ljubljana and Zagreb decided in 2015 to extend its lifespan for another 20 years.

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