Sonia Gandhi praises Biden’s speeches, Kamala Harris’ Courage In Letter


India looks forward to a close partnership led by Biden and Harris, she said. (File)

New Delhi:

Congress President Sonia Gandhi sent letters of congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for their victory in the US election. India, said the Congress Chairman, looks forward to a close partnership led by Biden and Harris.

In her letter to Mr. Biden, Ms. Gandhi praised the Democrat for his measured speech during the campaign, and the emphasis on the healing differences between people was very comforting.

“We were very reassured by your measured speaking, the emphasis on the healing sharing between people and the promotion of gender and race equality, global cooperation and sustainable development of all countries,” she said.

Ms. Gandhi added that Biden’s “wise and mature leadership” will be beneficial to peace and development in “our region and around the world“.

In her letter to Kamala Harris, Ms. Gandhi praised the Senator’s “unwavering courage” with which she fought the elections and expressed the hope that Ms. Harris will strengthen the friendship between the US and India. Ms. Gandhi also hailed Senator Kamala Harris’s success as a “triumph for Black and Indian Americans”.


As Vice President of America, Ms. Gandhi said, she knew that Kamala Harris would work to heal and unite a “bitterly divided nation”, that it would strengthen friendly relations with India, and promote democratic values ​​and human rights across the world .

“We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to welcome you to India, where you will be warmly celebrated not only as the much-admired leader of a great democracy but also as a beloved daughter,” said Ms. Gandhi.

Joe Biden, who defeated incumbent Republican President Donald Trump in the highly competitive presidential election, becomes the 46th President of the United States.

Kamala Harris is the United States’ first-elected Vice President. She will also be the country’s first Indian-born and first African-American female vice president.


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