Sourav Ganguly will be able to resume normal routine shortly after a “calm recovery”: doctor


Sourav Ganguly, president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has been on a “calm recovery” and will be able to perform all his normal activities in the next few days, said Dr. Aftab Khan of Apollo Hospital. Ganguly was released from Apollo Hospital on Sunday. “Ganguly had a heart attack on January 2 and was admitted to Woodlands and he had angioplasty on one of his arteries. At that point we also found that he had a blockage in two other arteries and that treatment was planned. phase. This time he was hospitalized for angioplasty of the other two arteries, the left arteries, “Khan told reporters as he shared information on Ganguly’s health.

“We also checked the previous angioplasty and the stents worked fine. Two more stents were placed on the left artery. Ganguly recovered without problems. His heart is very strong. We hope he should be able to do so in a few days.” to return to all his normal activities. For our part, there are no restrictions in terms of physical activity. He should be able to do what he did again for the next few days. “

“The medications are continuing and there are certain routine follow-ups that are done within a one to two month period … The most important factor is that his heart is well preserved and the heart pumping is normal … He is mental. very strong, so I’m sure he’s going to get out of this, and he’s been a great patient, ”he added.

On Saturday, the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital medical bulletin had said that Ganguly is doing well and that all of his vital signs are stable. Sourav Ganguly, who underwent angioplasty at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata on January 28, 2021, was examined today by Dr. Aftab Khan. He is doing well and all of his vital parameters are stable, “the medical bulletin read.

On Friday, Ganguly was moved to a private room in the intensive care unit. Ganguly underwent a second round of angioplasty on Thursday and two stents were inserted into coronary arteries. “The procedure went without a hitch. Ganguly is stable and closely monitored,” the medical bulletin said Thursday.

Woodlands Hospital had announced through a medical bulletin on Wednesday that Ganguly would be operated on.

Ganguly went to Apollo Hospital for weeks on Wednesday after undergoing a successful angioplasty. Sources close to the former India skipper had said nothing was wrong.

On January 2, the president of BCCI was admitted to Woodlands Hospital after complaining of chest pain. He received an angioplasty and spent about five days in the hospital, before finally being discharged on January 7.


After his discharge, the former Indian skipper had thanked Woodlands Hospital’s medical team for caring for him and performing the necessary procedures.

“I would like to thank the doctors at the hospital for the treatment. Everything is going well. Hopefully I will be ready to fly soon,” Ganguly had told reporters.

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