South African Education Minister Angie Motshekga has been criticized for her comment: The educated man is not raped


South African Education Minister Angie Motshekga was criticized for “rape”.

Johannesburg, South Africa:

South African Education Minister Angie Motshekga came under fire Monday for saying educated men do not commit rape as the country struggles to grapple with a scourge of violence against women.

Official statistics show that police in South Africa register 110 rape allegations every day.

Addressing the students at the opening of the schools in Pretoria, the Elementary Education Minister said her government “made education a priority because it knows that only through education can we meet some of our challenges … because an educated man does not rape”.

In a video clip posted by one of the country’s premier television networks, Newzroom Africa, students heard the answer in unison, “You are doing it!”

The minister then remarked, “Or did you? I thought you had to be a bit civilized not to do certain things.”

The Democratic Alliance, the country’s largest opposition party, said it wanted the minister to “withdraw and apologize”.

“These comments are absolutely inappropriate and negligent as the pervasive rape crisis in South Africa has no social, economic or educational boundaries,” a statement said.

The leader of the opposition One South Africa movement, Mmusi Maimane, accused the minister of “misunderstanding” about rape and gender-based violence in the country.


“We urgently need a new minister for basic education,” said Maimane.

In a statement after a storm of criticism on social media, the minister tried to explain herself, saying that rape is about power and that her government aims to educate boys about how to deal with “power relations between men and women from a young age” to enlighten.

“Educating men about the balance of power is also important in the fight against rape,” she said.

“Therefore, my remarks cannot be taken out of the context of raising children in order to develop them into better people.”

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