Tahlequah, killer whale ‘Tour Of Grief’, brings birth


An endangered killer whale named “Tahlequah”, which carried its dead calf on its head for 17 days in mourning through the Salish Sea off British Columbia, is a new mother.

Tahlequah, known to scientists as “J35,” likely gave birth Friday after being discovered in Haro Strait, northwest of Seattle earlier this week, the Center for Whale Research in Washington state said in a statement.

“Hurray! Your new calf looked healthy and precocious and swam vigorously next to its mother on the second day of free swimming,” said the center.

The center has not published the sex of the new calf. It was said that when Tahlequah was discovered, she was largely separate from the other whales and “very evasive” when she crossed the border into Canada.

“So we ended our meeting with her after a few minutes and wished them all the best on their way,” said the center. “We hope this calf is a success story.”

Tahlequah made headlines for her “Tour of Grief” in the summer of 2018 when she carried her dead calf on her head for 17 days while swimming about 1,600 km around the Salish Sea.

Dietary stress in recent years is to blame for a large percentage of failed whale pregnancies and a 40% death rate for young calves, according to the center. If you

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