Tennis-India’s Bopanna gets brace with new Australian Open partner


Tennis-India's Bopanna gets brace with new Australian Open partner

MELBOURNE, Jan. 30 (Reuters) – Indian Rohan Bopanna will come out of his 14-day quarantine in Melbourne later Saturday with a spring in his step after his quest for a new doubles partner for the Open ended. Australia next month.

The former world number three doubles is one of 72 players who were confined to their hotel rooms in Melbourne after other passengers on flights that brought them to Australia tested positive for COVID-19.

To compound his problem, Bopanna was forced to search for a new partner after Joao Sousa was unable to make it to Australia in time after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Playing with Japan’s Ben McLachlan at the Australian Open,” Bopanna told Reuters in a message on Saturday. McLachlan is a New Zealand born player who represents Japan.

He will team up with China’s Duan Yingying for the mixed doubles.

At next week’s ATP event in Melbourne Park, Bopanna will partner with Denmark’s Frederik Nielsen in men’s doubles.

Refused to train like most other players, Bopanna told Reuters he relies on exercise bands and mats to stay in shape.


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