“The greatest privilege of being the daughter of Sushmita Sen,” says Renee, star of the short film Suttabaazi


Renee Sen made her acting debut with Suttabaazi.


  • “I started preparing to become an actor during the confinement,” Renee said.
  • “I have to earn being here every day,” he added.
  • “I don’t want to brag,” Renee said.

New Delhi:

21-year-old daughter of actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen Renee Sen is following in her mother’s footsteps and has made her acting debut in a short film titled Suttabaazi, directed by Kabeer Khurana. In an interview with GossipMantri, Renee, the older of Sushmita Sen’s two daughters, said. “Acting was always my plan, but ‘Suttabaazi‘happened suddenly. I started preparing to become an actor during the confinement. I wanted to use that time because I knew that if things suddenly start to prosper, I will never have this time again. “

Renee Sen explained that she was not looking for a movie and that it came to her through her longtime friend and filmmaker Kabeer Khurana. “Kabeer, who has directed this, is my friend from school. We got in touch and chatted as friends who were catching up, I told him about my plans to become an actor. I was not telling him this to get a script. After that, he sent me his script, he still thought he wanted my opinion on it. Then he told me he wanted me to audition, I was surprised! I asked him if he was sure he wanted me for the role because I have never acted. I asked him. to Mom and I told myself I should do it if this is what I want to do. “

In Suttabaazi, Rene plays an influencer on social media. In real life, she is quite different from her character Diya, she says. “Young people will relate to this because many of them are influenced by social networks. At our age, we are so naive that we think that social networks are the most important thing in our lives and that is not true. My character in the film allows social media affects her, not me. I take breaks from social media when I want to, “Renee told GossipMantri.

And finally, she also talked about being the daughter of Sushmita Sen and how privileged she is to get into the movie business. “I am aware of how privileged I am. I know there are thousands of people who come to Mumbai to become actors. I don’t want to brag, but being his daughter has been the greatest privilege. So the biggest disservice I will do if I am dishonest with my job. My mother always says you should be worthy, and you can’t just take someone’s place because you’re my daughter, if you don’t win it, then don’t be in it. I’m very lucky, and I have to earn myself being here every days, “Renee Sen said.

Watch Renee Sen’s interview for GossipMantri here:


Watch Suttabaazi here:

Sushmita Sen, movie star like Main Hoon Na and Filhaal, adopted Renee in 2000 and their youngest daughter Alisah in 2010. The 45-year-old actress made headlines last year with her critically acclaimed performance on the web series. Aarya.


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