The Nepalese Electoral Commission refuses to recognize any faction in the ruling Communist Party: report


The former group led by Prime Minister Prachanda had previously removed Oli from the post of chairman.


The Nepalese electoral commission has refused to recognize either of the two factions of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) as an official party. Neither of them have put due process in place to obtain legitimate status.

The electoral commission stated in its decision on Sunday that both groups – one from Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” and one from Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli – would not adopt due process or receive recognition.

With the election commission’s most recent decision, Oli and Prachanda remain chairmen despite a vertical split in the party.

The faction led by Prachanda had previously removed Oli from the post of chairman and selected Madhav Kumar Nepal to replace him. The faction on Sunday decided to withdraw Oli’s general membership of the party.

The Prachanda-led faction called for them to be recognized as official NCPs as they command a majority in the party’s secretariat, standing committee and central committee.


EU officials said it was difficult to include changes, amendments or reshuffles in the protocol as requested by both factions of the NCP under the party’s statute.

The ruling NCP saw a vertical split between the party committees after Prime Minister Oli decided to dissolve the House of Representatives and announced midterm elections for April 30 and May 10.

Both the Oli and Prachanda factions have held mass meetings and other party activities to demonstrate their strength.


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