The US faces ongoing court battles over TikTok, WeChat Bans


TikTok owner ByteDance has denied the app is being used to spy on Americans.


The Trump administration faces ongoing legal battles following two legal backlashes in its efforts to prevent US app stores from offering Chinese-owned TikTok or WeChat for download.

In two separate judgments, judges have questioned evidence that the Chinese government is accessing data from American users, thereby endangering US national security, leading to extraordinary orders from the US Department of Commerce.

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols issued an order late Sunday to block the TikTok download ban, which was set at 11:59 p.m. Sunday challenged the government’s evidence.

“The government has presented ample evidence that China poses a significant national security threat, although the specific evidence of the threat posed by (TikTok) and whether the bans are the only effective way to address the threat is less substantive . ” Nichols wrote in a statement released Monday.

In the WeChat case, California Judge Laurel Beeler wrote: “While the government has determined that China’s activities raise significant national security concerns, it has provided little evidence that the effective ban on WeChat for all US users addresses these issues.” Concerns.”

On October 15, Beeler scheduled a hearing at the request of the Ministry of Justice, in which she reconsidered her decision and lets the WeChat order take effect immediately.

TikTok owner ByteDance and WeChat owner Tencent Holdings have denied the apps are being used to spy on Americans.

Nichols, a Trump-appointed agent, awaited further legal filings from both the government and TikTok before a final decision was made on whether to block other restrictions set for Nov. 12.

Nichols also opposed the Justice Department’s efforts to invoke the Espionage Act, which authorizes life imprisonment or the death penalty for those who share US defense secrets.

“It is implausible that the movies, photos, artwork, or even personal information that US users share on TikTok fall under the clear meaning of the Espionage Act,” wrote Nichols.

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