The US is deeply concerned about the Pak court decision to release the killers of Daniel Pearl


In 2002, Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by the Wall Street Journal in Pakistan.


The United States on Thursday expressed deep concern about the Sindh High Court’s decision to release several terrorists responsible for the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

The Sindh High Court on Thursday ordered the release of terrorists Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, Fahad Naseem, Sheikh Adil and Salman Saqib, who are charged with the kidnapping and murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.

The Sindh High Court also ordered the names of the defendant Ahmed Omer Saeed Shaikh and others to be placed on the Exit Control List (ECL), according to Daily Pakistan.

The defendants have been in prison for 18 years and have ordered the defendants to appear as soon as the court summons them.

“We are deeply concerned about the reports of the Sindh High Court’s December 24 ruling on the release of several terrorists responsible for the murder of Daniel Pearl. We have been assured that the defendants have not been released at this point,” so the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the US State Department tweeted.


“We understand this case is ongoing and is being closely followed. We continue to stand with the Pearl family in this extremely difficult process. We continue to honor the legacy of Daniel Pearl as a courageous journalist,” he added.

In 2002, Pearl, the 38-year-old journalist with the Wall Street Journal’s South Asia office, was kidnapped and beheaded while investigating a story in Pakistan about terrorist groups’ links with al-Qaeda.

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