The US is ready for stronger post-Brexit relations with the UK and the EU


US President Donald Trump has good relations with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Washington, United States:

The outgoing administration of US President Donald Trump congratulated the UK and the EU on their post-Brexit trade deal and said Washington was ready to build “stronger transatlantic ties”.

“Congratulations to the UK and the EU on signing an historic Brexit deal,” said a message from the White House national security officials on Twitter.

“The US stands ready to work with everyone to build even stronger transatlantic ties in the years to come.”

Britain and the European Union secured the deal on Thursday after months of negotiations.

British Brexit supporters have long promised a new and cheap trade deal with the United States to compensate for their exit from the EU.


And Trump, who supported Brexit and has good relations with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, seemed like their natural ally.

However, the British have to grapple with the Democrat Joe Biden, who will become US President on January 20 and wants to strengthen multilateral cooperation, especially with the European Union.

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