TikTok Counters Rival Video App Trills In Patent Defense


TikTok has shot back a patent lawsuit by competing video sharing app Triller in court.

San Francisco, United States:

TikTok and its parent company ByteDance have taken legal action against a patent lawsuit by competing video sharing app Triller to prevent infringement suits.

The complaint filed in federal court in California aims to overturn the lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas in July alleging that the Chinese-owned app violated Triller’s software patents.

The litigation comes with both apps seeing robust growth.

Triller claims around 65 million active users worldwide and is considering a plan to publicly list its shares.

TikTok, which has at least 100 million in the US and is one of the fastest growing social platforms, is battling efforts by the Trump administration to ban the app or put it in American hands because of its ties to China.

The TikTok lawsuit filed on Wednesday seeks to move the case from Texas to California, where Triller is based. The company is asking the court to rule that its app doesn’t infringe Triller’s patents.

“A judicial statement is required to resolve the actual, immediate and legitimate controversy regarding these issues and to determine the respective rights of the parties in relation to the … patent,” TikTok lawyers wrote in the complaint.

Triller’s previous lawsuit alleges that TikTok improperly used a patented system to synchronize music video with an audio track.


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