Trump and I will always put American workers first: Mike Pence


US Vice President Mike Pence faced Democratic candidate Kamala Harris in a debate today.

U.S. Democratic challenger Kamala Harris attacked Vice President Mike Pence for the Donald Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic during their only debate today, as the White House struggles to contain an outbreak, U.S. President Donald Trump and dozen infected others.

Mike Pence defended US government efforts to fight the disease, including Donald Trump’s decision in late January to restrict travel from the epicenter of the pandemic in China.

“I want the American people to know that President Donald Trump has made America’s health a priority from day one,” he said.

Mike Pence said he and Donald Trump “always put American jobs and American workers first”.

With Mike Pence as the first candidate for the presidency, Trump should not be able to complete his duties and Kamala Harris, who essentially poses as the future leader of the Democratic Party under President Joe Biden, held her pandemic showdown 27 days new urgency to the election.


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