Trump leaves the hospital briefly amid Covid treatment and waves to supporters


Donald Trump has been reprimanded for violating public health guidelines.

Washington, United States:

U.S. President Donald Trump sparked an angry backlash from the medical community on Sunday when he broke protocol with his supporters outside the hospital where he is being treated for the highly infectious, potentially fatal, new coronavirus.

He was masked as he waved from his bulletproof vehicle during the short trip outside the Walter Reed Military Medical Center near Washington. This seemed designed to take back the tale of his improving health after a weekend of confused news from his doctors.

However, experts complained that the excursion violated his own government’s public health guidelines that patients must be isolated while on treatment and are still excreting viruses – and compromising its protection by intelligence.

Trump, who has repeatedly been reprimanded for disregarding public health guidelines and spreading misinformation about the pandemic, said in a video posted on Twitter shortly before it appeared that he “learned a lot about Covid” by ” really went to school “fought the virus.

But health professionals went on the air and on social media to criticize the “stunt” they said showed it hadn’t learned anything.

“Every single person in the vehicle must be quarantined for 14 days during this completely unnecessary drive by the president,” said James Phillips, chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University.

“You could get sick. You could die. For political theater. Ordered by Trump to put your life in danger for the theater. This is madness.”

White House spokesman Judd Deere said “reasonable” precautions had been taken to protect Trump and his support staff, including protective gear.

“The move has been approved as safe by the medical team,” he added.

But Zeke Emanuel, chairman of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and a regular television expert, described the demeanor as “shameful.”

“When his Secret Service agents drive a COVID-19 patient whose windows are no less open, they are at unnecessary risk of infection. And what for? A PR stunt,” he tweeted.

Confused messaging

The episode came hours after a briefing from Trump’s medical team who said he had “continued to improve” and could be brought back to the White House as early as Monday, which has the option to treat and isolate the president.

The president was flown to Walter Reed on Friday after his illness had “rapidly progressed” with a high fever and his oxygen levels were worryingly low, Trump’s doctor Sean Conley said in a Sunday briefing.

Health experts have complained that the news from the administration – and Trump’s medical team in particular – has created widespread confusion.

Conley admitted Sunday that he had kept the fact that the president had been given supplemental oxygen from the public to reflect an “optimistic attitude”.

And he gave a rosy report of Trump’s progress on Saturday, only for White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to immediately tell reporters that Trump’s condition had been “very worrying” and that he was “still not on a clear path to one.” full recovery “.

“White House Cluster”

With his tough re-election campaign last month against Democratic rival Joe Biden, who announced his final negative test for the virus on Sunday, Trump and his advisors have done their best to instill a sense of continuity.

His deputy campaign manager Jason Miller told ABC Sunday that he spoke to Trump for half an hour on Saturday and that the president was “kidding”.

However, the possibility that Trump’s Covid-19 could be exposed to numerous others even after a close aide who tested positive was controversial.

A schedule provided by his advisors and doctors suggested that he met more than 30 donors on Thursday in Bedminster, New Jersey, despite learning that Hope Hicks had the virus – and just hours before his announced its own positive test.

More than 200 people were in attendance at the fundraiser, and in New Jersey, thousands of people who may have been exposed are currently being screened.

All of this happened in a week when a poll in the Wall Street Journal / NBC – conducted two days after a bloody presidential debate with Biden, but before news of Trump’s illness broke – Biden was a significant 53 to 39 percent lead among the registered Brought in voters.

In addition to Trump and Hicks, numerous White House insiders and at least three Republican Senators have signed Covid-19, along with First Lady Melania Trump, who had no severe symptoms.

Public health experts have raised the alarm at the “White House Cluster” linked to the Supreme Court celebration of Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s September 26th in the Rose Garden.

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