Trump says the TikTok deadline will not be extended to arrange a U.S. sale


ByteDance has tried to select a buyer so that they can close a deal by mid-September (file)


President Donald Trump said Thursday the deadline for Chinese company ByteDance to sell its popular short video app TikTok’s U.S. assets would not be extended.

“It will either be closed or they will sell it,” Trump told reporters before he went to Michigan. “There will be no extension of the TikTok deadline.”

TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

ByteDance has attempted to select a buyer so that they can close a deal by mid-September and comply with Trump’s order to divest TikTok’s assets.

TikTok is best known for videos of people dancing and going viral in teenagers. However, US officials have raised concerns that information about those using the platform could be leaked to Beijing. TikTok has announced that it will not comply with a request to pass on user data to the Chinese authorities.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, a close ally of Trump, told Reuters earlier Thursday that he also did not support an extension of the deadline.

Hawley said he did not endorse any outcome that did not include a full sale.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that TikTok’s potential buyers were discussing four ways to structure an acquisition of ByteDance, including buying the app’s US operations with no key software.

“I’m sure there are any number of backdoors built into the code, and of course ByteDance knows exactly what they are. So there needs to be a clean, clear, and complete separation,” said Hawley.

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