Trump’s trade deal with China ‘under review’, says White House


(Bloomberg) – The Biden administration has former President Donald Trump’s so-called Phase 1 trade deal with China “ under review, ” as well as the rest of the US posture towards Beijing, said White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday.

“Everything the previous administration put in place is being reviewed,” Psaki said in response to questions about whether President Joe Biden considers the Trump deal to be still in effect.

The trade deal Trump signed a year ago was one of his proudest achievements until the novel coronavirus spread from China to the U.S. After that, the presidential candidate of the At the time, Biden, may have called the deal a sign that Trump was too focused on his own political achievements. , even as the world was on the brink of a deadly pandemic.

As part of the deal, Beijing agreed to increase purchases of U.S. agricultural products and other commodities in exchange for U.S. tariff relief. Psaki did not respond to whether the United States still expects China to honor its commitments under the agreement.

“We are focused on approaching this relationship from a position of strength and that means coordinating and communicating with our allies and partners on how we are going to work with China,” she said. “It means strengthening our economy in our country and it means determining the best way forward to address a range of issues, not only economic, but also strategic and security.”

When asked again if the deal was still in effect, she added: “I don’t assume things are moving forward.” The administration “coordinates with our allies, members of Congress, and makes a decision before we engage further.”

It is not known that Biden has spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping since taking office earlier this month.

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