Twitter is putting my Pillow CEO Mike Lindell on hold on US election fraud claims


Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, stands outside the west wing of the White House.

Twitter Inc has permanently banned My Pillow boss Mike Lindell’s account for repeated violations of the company’s policy on misinformation in elections, the social media company said late Monday.

Lindell, a devout supporter of former US President Donald Trump, funded post-election protest movements to overturn President Joe Biden’s election victory.

Lindell used his personal Twitter account, which had almost half a million followers prior to his suspension, and the company’s account to spread unsubstantiated claims of widespread presidential election fraud.

Courts have denied such baseless claims, despite Trump and his supporters continuing to falsely claim it was election fraud.

Lindell repeatedly violated the company’s corporate integrity policies that resulted in him being suspended, a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement sent via email. Twitter finally suspended Trump from his platform earlier this month.

Lindell’s political commentary and promotion, the founder and chief executive officer of My Pillow company, is a staple of the conservative media.

Lindell, a self-described former cocaine addict and alcoholic who says he found sobriety through Christianity, helped sponsor a two-week march for the Trump bus tour that ended December 14 in Washington and spoke at five stops.


He told Reuters two weeks ago that he didn’t help fund subsequent trips to promote the January 6 rally that sparked riot when Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

But the riots in the Capitol, in which five people died, did not change his views on the conduct of the elections.

“I never let go of the scam,” Lindell then told Reuters.

My pillow didn’t respond to Reuters’ request for a comment about Lindell’s account being suspended through Twitter.

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