Typhoon Haishen makes its way to Korea after beating Japan


High waves caused by Typhoon Haishen crash on the sea wall in Busan, South Korea.

Seoul / Tokyo:

South Korea crouched for the arrival of Typhoon Haishen on Monday after the powerful storm hit Japan’s southern islands but appeared to come through without major damage or loss.

The storm, which brought sustained winds of up to 144 kilometers per hour, was directed north towards South Korea’s second largest city, Busan, said the South Korean weather agency.

Strong winds have already supplied electricity to nearly 5,000 households on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, including the holiday island of Jeju, which has reported more than 473mm of rainfall since Saturday.

Officials have evacuated nearly 1,000 people while canceling more than 300 flights across 10 airports, including Jeju International Airport. National parks and some national trains have been suspended, the country’s security ministry added.

In Japan, around 440,000 houses in the southwestern Kyushu region remained without power on Monday morning after the storm, reported the public broadcaster NHK. 32 people were injured, including a woman who fell down a flight of stairs in the dark and four people who were cut after blowing in the glass windows of an evacuation center.

Almost 2 million people had been ordered to evacuate the area, which was still recovering from heavy rains and floods in July that killed 83 people.

Typhoon Haishen comes just days after Typhoon Maysak hit the Korean peninsula, leaving at least two dead and thousands without electricity.

Haishen is expected to move near the North Korean port city of Chongjin late Monday.

North Korea’s agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to severe weather, and this summer’s storms and floods have raised concerns about the country’s nutritional weakness.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un toured the coastal areas hit by Maysak on Saturday and ordered party members to join the recovery effort.

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